Thursday, 22 November 2012

On watering

A bit last-minute, but it occurs to me that these experiments need a watering scheme for the indoor plants.  I've already decided on pro re nata - or when the plants need it - but even then there's a decision to be made: PRN per plant, PRN per group, or PRN globally?

I've decided on globally.  That means that when I decide (completely arbitrarily) that enough of the indoor plants need watering then all will be watered.  If too few are in need of water then none shall be watered.  I reckon this approach should strike a balance between taking care of the needs of indoor plants and a perceived need to mimic the behaviour of rain in nature, which doesn't much care about the watering needs of an individual plant.

This will take effect after the fortnight's run-in.  There's no point in abusing the shoots before they've put out roots or else they'll all fail.

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