Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Rubus 1, 2 and 3 start today!

All the shoots are potted, fed and measured.  They'll be fed again on the 4th of December, then Rubus 3 will go outdoors on the 5th of December.

They've been measured.  Projection (the length of the shoot from where it leaves the soil to its tip) will be the primary Dependent Variable, or DV.  The DV is my measure of success.  If the projection of plant A increases by more than the projection of plant B then plant A is more successful with regards to the DV of projection.  Other DVs are yellowing (or lack of), shrivelling (or lack of) and budding (or lack of).  The number of buds is less important than whether or not the plant shows a failure to bud, as a failure to bud is a failure to thrive.  Yellowing and shrivelling also suggest a failure to thrive, so the areas affected by these problems are less important than their simple presence or absence.  The only DV which will be measured rather than merely observed will be projection.

Measurements are to be recorded on each of the group pages and together on the Measurements page.

Observations and measurements will be taken every Wednesday until March.  All the indoor plants will receive water pro re nata and subsequent feeds on the 1st of January and the 1st of February.  Also, as I only have so many saucers in my dinner service, I've replaced the saucers under Rubus 1 with plastic saucers from the garden centre.  The same type have gone under Rubus 1 and 2.  Those only involved in Rubus 1 have black saucers, while those involved in Rubus 2 (including Milo and Doodle) have green saucers.

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